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  A:You are Li Dong.You just graduated from college and applied for a job in a foreign-funded enterprise.You are asked to write a short article in English about yourself.The passage should include all the contents listed in the table below.
  Education 1989-1994 Guangming Primary School 1994-2000 Guangzhou No.7 Middle School 2000-2004 Sun Yat-sen University
  Professional Market Management
  Excellent English,Computer
  Hobbies:swimming,stamp collecting,football,pop music
  1.Must be in the form of short passages;
  2.The number of words is about 100.
  3.The first sentence of the essay has been written.
  Model essay:
  My name is Li Dong,I'm just graduated from Zhongshan University.I'm born in may 1982 in Guangzhou,before study in Zhongshan University I studied in Light grade school and The NO.7 middle school of Guangzhou.I studies market managing in as my major in University.And I'm especially good at English and Computer.In my off hours I often swim,play football,and I'm also interesting in music and collecting stamps.I'm always interesting in entering an multinational company,I'm glad to have the chance of this interview please me a chance.

  B:1.You have found an electronic dictionary and want to return it to its owner.Write a notice of Lost and Found to clearly state:
  1)the time and place of your finding
  2)the feature of the dictionary
  3)your information for contact.You should write about 100 words on ANSWER SHEET
  2.Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter.Use“Li Ming”instead.You do not need to write the address.
  Model essay:
  Lost and Found
  On the evening of January 4th,2005,I found an electronic dictionary in the English reading-room on the 3rd floor of the new library in the east district of our university.The electronic dictionary can be generally described as follows.It is brand new and metallic gray in color.What's more,the portable electronic dictionary is as big as a piece of cake and as thin as a regular magazine.
  The owner of the electronic dictionary may contact me now.My room phone number and mobile phone number are(010)62043340 and 13801106414 respectively.Please make appointment in advance.
  Sincerely Yours
  Li Ming



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